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Published by Tina Re

This is a place next to the river nearby Ponte Dom Luís I.

Young people gather over there every Monday night and drink in the street. There is also a bar that sells drinks and often has good deals like 0, 5L of Caipirinha or rum and coke for 5€.

Usually the place is beautiful even during the day, but during the night with all those lights it's definitely a sin to miss it.

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Beautiful place

Published by Francesca Verdi

It's great during the day, it's great during sunset, it's great at night.

The view on the river Douro and the D. Luís I bridge is stunning, it is very touristic but it has many good restaurants, and at night it's a good place for drinking and it's very cheap!

There are Erasmus students everywhere, especially on Monday night when you can have two 0, 5L cocktails for the price of one (5€)!

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The most beautiful place in Porto

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki

If you look for pictures of Porto online you'll probably find pictures of Ribeira. That's because it's the most beautiful place in the city.


Right beside Douro river, Ribeira is a very historic place in Porto, where the boats would bring goods and products from all the world. Nowadays it is even considered World's Heritage by UNESCO.



In Ribeira you can spend time observing the river, having a boat trip, or eating at nice restaurants around (maybe even drinking some Porto wine - but that would be better in the other side of the river).


From the Douro shore you can also see the Luis I bridge, conecting Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia. Continue your visit in Ribeira crossing that bridge and admiring an amazing view of the city. You wont regret it!


TIP: During summer and spring, the sunset there can be really nice too!

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