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Maus Habitos

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Amazing pub/bar/cultural place that u WILL love ! :)

Published by flag-pt Ester Grams — 7 years ago

A friend of mine made me discover this place and I felt in love with it from the first moment. Best place in Porto to do whatever you want. Besides, it defines perfectly what this fantastic city is: a mix of culture, beaty, bargains, fun, art, great people, youngth, good music, amazing food, opportunity, chill out, cosmopolitan trendy and fashion environment among so many other things. I really like that people there are very independent and open-minded... they are just enjoying the momment and having lots of fun whatever is happening outside the building or inside their lifes <3 It is totally a right place to disconnect. To say more, there is a room to show art expositions and another one to play concerts. There are also a terrace and a place where you can sit and grab a coffee even working meanwhile. Excellent! The menu has so many nice things to offer from delicious pizzas to very nice white sangria. The best to say is the quality and price ratio ;) Cocktails are very good too and not expensive at all. In addition, there are so many events every day and thematic parties. You can find online the calendar or in place. The ambiance is extremely cozy and the decoration and low light give it a special touch to the restaurant. Also, you can find sofas at the entrance to relax and enjoy your drinks! The dj table is located on a side of the main room&restaurant. My favorite spot in the city. Do not ever miss it! :) You will find it just in front of the famous Coliseu. Let me know what you think and enjoy your visit! ;D 

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