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The coziest Portuguese tapas restaurant of Porto

Published by flag- Ambra Marcucci — 5 years ago

Tasquinha dos Sabores

Are you looking for a traditional tapas restaurant in Porto? If yes, Tasquinha dos Sabores is a good option for you for sure. Actually it’s one of the first restaurants in Porto where I ate tapas. The interior of this restaurant looks very modern and is very cozy and small. The thing that you might notice the first when you enter this restaurant is the wall completely covered with post-its. On the post-its clients leave positive comments about the restaurant concerning their food and service (we also left a post-it, see photo! ). Besides the wall, there is this delightful smell coming from the kitchen. I immediately knew that this was going to be a great dinner the moment that I stepped inside Tasquinha dos Sabores.




The food they serve is traditional Portuguese, and, as the concept of tapas is supposed to be, the dishes come in small portions. We chose various tapas: appetizers from bacalhau and squid, gambas, fried potatoes, puff pastry with goat cheese and jam, smoked chorizo and several other things. It was all very well prepared and delicious. Even if the portions were small, it was enough for all of us. As a desert we chose a plate with 6 different types of cakes, also incredibly tasty! They also have many different beer-types, so if you are a fan of beer you are at the right place! And if you prefer sangria or another type of wine, that's fine too because they also serve several types of wine.


I also liked the service, the waiters were very friendly and the dishes came very fast. Since the place is very small and beloved, I would advise you to reserve a table if you want to have dinner here. The restaurant is located in Rua da Picaria, you can barely notice it! On Monday and Sunday they are closed, and from Tuesday till Thursday they are open from 12. 30h – 15h and 19. 30h – 23h and Friday and Saturday from 12. 30h – 15h and 19. 30h until 00h.

I think everyone should try this place, it’s a place everybody likes!

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