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Adega Leonor

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Super Bock!

Published by Francesca Verdi

It's a very small bar but it's where you're going to spend every night if you're young and want to have fun and especially if you're on Erasmus.

Beer is usually 1 € except for Wednesday when it's only 50 cents! Super Bock of course. You can also get inexpensive cocktails and shots and just meet a lot of people!

You can also watch the most important football (soccer) games there with your friends. In the summer they sometimes organise Erasmus barbecues on Sundays, where you can have a beer and eat meat. It's just great!

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Erasmus is everything

Published by João Olivier Ramadas

Adega Leonor is one of the best bars in Porto (Portugal), everyday you have discounts for Erasmus students.


The prices are wonderful, you drink what you want for a very cheap price. The owners are amazing, they help new students everyday. The bar also has the 'Adega Mansion' which is a house for Erasmus students.

In Adega Leonor you find everything, there are people from a lot of countries and there is happiness!

The bar serves as a meeting point: "Guys at 9:00 pm we meet at Adega Leonor to drink some beer, sangria, Somersby or some shots and then we go out".

Adega Leonor also shares every important football game. It's a small place with a big heart.

I love it!

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