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Munchie - The Burger Kitchen

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Hambúrguer Especial

Published by flag- Riccardo Gava — 6 years ago

If you want to eat a really good hamburger in Porto, you have to try "Munchie-The Burger Kitchen".

This place is not a fast-food chain! They prepare exceptional hamburgers, always served with delicious French fries. There have all kinds of burgers and prices are low, a maximum of 7 € (burger + French fries + drink). If you want there is also a menu that costs 5 euros.

"Munchie" is open daily from 12. 00pm to 00. 00am. If you're in Porto, you should definitely try it.

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Best hamburgers in Porto

Published by flag- Ambra Marcucci — 6 years ago

Munchie hamburgers


The hamburgers at Munchies are cheap, very tasty and natural. The restaurant is located in the city center of Porto. The space is quite small, so not many people fit in there. But many people don’t mind to wait outside to get a place at Munchies. It often happens and it seems quite usual that there is a line of people in front of the door, waiting for other people to get out. In summer you can also sit on the small terrace outside. They are open every day from 12 p. m. until 2 a. m. Pedro, one of the chefs, tells to have stopped (or at least paused) his studies to spend more time working in the kitchen of Munchies. He has always been very passionate about cooking.

The hamburgers cost between 6 and 8 euros and a drink is included in the price. All hamburgers, surrounded by the best fried potatoes ever, come in a cute basket and are served on a bread. The hamburgers are a little bit light though, so it’s more like a perfect snack to consume right before going out or as lunch during the day. You can clearly taste that they care about the quality of the meat of their burgers. They offer around 8 different hamburgers, and my favorite one is the Preguiça. This one comes with cow meat, onion, grilled courgette, cheddar, bacon and barbecue sauce. Besides hamburgers they also have chicken and salmon wraps and delicious deserts. Unfortunately they don’t have a vegetarian menu or burger (yet).


Funny fact

Where does the funny name come from? Maybe not all of you know what Munchies means. Having ‘munchies’ happens when you get very hungry after smoking joints with weed. After smoking weed people typically are craving for some kind of junk food.

The address of Munchies is Praça Filipa de Lencastre, 183. More information you can find on their Facebook page.

(Note: The pictures posted here are taken from their official Facebook).

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