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Capela das Almas

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White and blue tiles

Published by flag-br Ethel Rudnitzki — 5 years ago

Portugal is known for its white and blue tiles that you find in houses, furniture and most of all in architecture. Capela das Almas (or Soul's chapel in English) is a great place to admire this art. 

White and blue tiles

It is covered in typical portuguese tiles that tell the story of Santa Catarina and Santo Antonio, both saints honored by the chapel. In its facade you'll also find beautiful stained glass and a family crest. 

White and blue tiles

The church was not always covered in tiles. Until the 20th century it was a simple wood chapel, only noticed by it's sculped doors and windows. It is much more charming now. 

White and blue tiles


The chapel is located in one of the most important streets of Porto, Rua Santa Catarina, where you'll find many shops and restaurants. Also, it is really acessible, with a subway and a train station nearby.

White and blue tiles

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