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More than just a coffeehouse

Published by flag-ro Luciana Georgescu — 6 years ago

My English flatmate usually says that "Nothing compares to a good cup of tea". Well, I would contradict her by saying that "Nothing compares to a good cup of coffee at Moustache".

It is the right place for you if you want to do some work on your laptop, to read a book, or to surf on the Internet, have a nice talk with your friends, have breakfast, listen to good music.

Even though, prices are a little bit higher than normal, it is worth going there at least once and try one of the amazing pieces of cake and a tasty cappucino.

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a really cool cafè place

Published by flag-it Francesca Verdi — 9 years ago

here you can get any kind of drinks (alcoholic or not, cold or hot, etc.) or sweets (they have amazing muffins and cakes) meet with friends and relax or study thanks to the comfortable sofas and tables.  they even have some magazines and books you can read on the shelves :) they usually play soft music, and sometimes there's even a dj. it's quite big and they also have free wifi :)

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