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Rua Santa Catarina

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Touristic street

Published by flag-br Ethel Rudnitzki — 5 years ago

Every tourist city has a street (or neighbourhood) where the visitors can do shopping, watch musicians play for money, eat and enjoy the place. In Porto, that place is Santa Catarina street. 

Touristic street

Filled with souvenir and clothing shops and cafés, the street is the perfect place for tourists. Walking in it you'll find many music presentatios (mostly from the Tunas, fado groups from portuguese universities) and nice places to have a coffee or snack.

Touristic street

The most famous restaurant  in the street is Cafe Majestic, a typical art nouveau building where many portuguese artists would meet during the 20th century. It is really expensive, though and the waiting line is very big. I don't think it is worth it! There are many other cafes in the street. 

Touristic street

Also, there is a shopping mall in the street where you'll find cheaper food and other nice stores. 

Last but not least, there is an important church in the street, called Capela das Almas. It is covered in portuguese tiles and is a must see in Porto.

Touristic street

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