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Published by flag- Pedro Araújo — 12 years ago

I went in, sat down, ordered a coffee, got inspired by the retro appeal of the place and enjoyed the reading. I was at Candelabro, a new place reborn from a former bookseller that now runs as a café, bar and bookstore. Opened since late 2009 on the corner of ‘Rua da Conceição’ with ‘Largo Mompilher’, it’s already starting to become a hot spot for a relaxed late-afternoon in a cozy atmosphere with soft music and dim lighting, ideal for a after-work, before dinner with friends or preparing a long night out. The interior was restored in order to respect the original character of the place, keeping old books and magazines in the front windows, the floor with black and white mosaics, tables and chairs from old times, shelves with books about photography, cinema, theater and arts, harmoniously blended with touches of modernity brought by the lamps with modern design or by the illuminated wall behind the counter filled with shelves of bottles with colored drinks. Perfect as a café, it has toasts with butter and jam, sandwiches, chocolate cake and several pastries, smoking is allowed (but not bothering) and wireless internet access is available: another cool spot in town!

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