Cremosi: Porto's best ice-cream bar!

Published by Ambra Marcucci — 5 years ago


One of my favorite bars in Porto is Cremosi. In Porto the better weather has already started, so it’s a good moment for you to try this bar if you are visiting Porto. There are several Cremosi bars in Porto, for example in the city center there are two: one on Praça de Leões (where many other bars are located) and one near the metro station São Bento. Another one is located near Matosinhos (beach). Cremosi has lots of ice cream flavors to choose from and everything is homemade. You can taste that the quality is very good (the ice-cream is 100% natural) and pure. Because the variety in flavors is quite extended, I cannot really tell which flavors are the best. The fact that everything tastes so pure makes every flavor delicious.

To me, this is the place where you can eat the best ice-cream in Porto. Also the coffee here is good, and they also offer crepes, waffles, milkshakes (a mix of ice-cream with milk), cupcakes and other pastries. I think the prices are quite low for the quality you get. The Cremosi bars in the city center are not only open during the day, but also during the night so you can have a good drink or something to eat before you go dancing.

cremosi-portos-best-ice-cream-bar-813365(Our family at Cremosi)





(Note: The last four pictures are taken from the official Facebook page of Cremosi).

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