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Place to have a coffee

Published by flag-pl Karolina Sochacka — 5 years ago

Not overcrowded, super-kind and helpful service, great coffee, good music (depends on preferences obviously) and close to centre, with nice neighbourhood to take a walk after. The inside is charming as well, very cosy with comfortable armchairs and WiFi. Not so expensive.

Ok, 300 words is too much to write about a cafe, it's just great. I came to Porto around two weeks ago and since discovered this place I'm here everyday, though it's not that close from my place. And the first impression came with a girl who was preparing a coffee, in a second we started to talk, I was looking for an apartment the whole "team" got involved in action. Then I stayed for a coffee, surprised with a kind of music which was smooth jazz, very enjoyable.

I've never wrote such a long note on the topic of any place which means I really recommend it.

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