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Baixa Burger

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One of the best burgers in town!

Published by flag-pt Joana Nunes — 6 years ago

Guys, I don't know if you have ever visited Porto or not, but if you haven't you totally should! We are the Best European Destination of 2017! Not only is this town amazing and magical, but it contains so many delicious places to eat! And I'm about to introduce you to one!

Porto offers a great amount of hamburger restaurants and I have no complaints about any of them at least the ones I've tried so far. But a few weeks ago I went to Baixa Burger and tasted one of the best I've ever ate! And I say this because this hamburger has one special ingredient that normally doesn't go on hamburgers!

But first, let me know: Have you ever tried "francesinha"? I hope you have otherwise you are missing out a true dish.

That said, this hamburger contains the special sauce we use to make francesinha! Once you take the first bite, believe me, you go straight to heaven! Give it a try! You won't be disappointed!

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