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Bungee jumping

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Jumping into the void

Translated by flag-gb Hannah Kilpatrick — 3 years ago

Original text by flag-fr Eliette Fritsch

Going on erasmus I’d vaguely imagined that I was going to have a few adventures. And then people told me that it was going to be the best year of my life, that it was gonna be amazing etc…

But until you get there you don’t really know that. In the end, it was a year that went at the speed of light and to finish it off in June we did a Bungee Jumping trip (Puenting as the Spanish call it. )

Indeed, an organisation gave us yet another pleasure with this activity. Thanks to them I only paid 16 euros, 3 times less than if I’d done it in France. At first, we had to take the bus to Mula, in the Murcia Region. Having an insatiable thirst for these extreme sport activities my excitement was reaching its limit. Then, for safety reasons everyone had to sign a form with all the clauses and responsibilities on it. Laughs escaped our mouths, butterflies in the stomach began and the stress built…

Jumping into the void

We finally arrive at the spot, the bridge is about 30 or 40 metres up, I can’t say exactly. It’s at this moment when a slight bitter taste of regret came over me. Why did I want to do to do this so much?

Everyone was panicking, everyone was scared and the professional was trying to reassure us that it was all fine.

Jumping into the void

After the safety explanations came the unavoidable question, who wanted to jump first? Once again, stressed laughs escaped the group until my flat-mate who’s always been a bit crazy, volunteered eagerly. You could hear the sigh of surprise and of admiration.

Jumping into the void

The first jump was a success, my desire and impatience to follow her was obvious, I had to be the second one to jump. Of course, you’re never calm whilst being harnessed in order to jump into the void but that is all the excitement! It’s on the count of “3, 2, 1, Vamos!”, that I finally launch myself. That feeling of freedom was taking over my body in the void, it gives you the feeling that you’re flying. A jump that went far too quick considering the wait I endured, but completely worth it! I descended slowly to the ground, proud of having done it and a desire to do it again!

Jumping into the void

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