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Tokyo Japanese restaurant

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A dining spectacular

Translated by flag-gb Evie Quinlan — 7 years ago

Original text by flag- Laurie Lambert

The Tokyo restaurant is not really in the Ronda Norte. It is on the street perpendicular to the end of the Ronda Norte, towards the North (next to "La Opinión"). There you can find two Asiatic restaurants. The Tokyo and the other is closer to the Ronda Norte. The food is Japanese food but it has a hint of Chinese/Spanish style. As I have been to Japan, I was able to recognise when they mixed different types of cuisine.

The Tokyo restaurant has a unique characteristic where it presents you with three systems of food.

The first are prepared tables next to a bar where the food moves past in front of you. You can take it, choosing whichever item you want. It is a buffet and it costs EUR 12 with a coffee, drink and pudding. The puddings are also a buffet. There is fruit, ice creams and custard, I think.

The second system is normal: you are seated at a table and you order from the menu.

The third system consists of something truly spectacular! There is a grill inside a square bar. You can eat at the bar looking at the grill. The chef cooks in front of the customers, juggling with the knives and doing circus tricks. It is very impressive and very cool. Also, the food is very good, better than the other buffet because you can select things that aren't on the menu. There is sushi and so much more. There are some plates that originate from Japan like tempura (red meatballs made with a sticky paste).

There is also another part of the restaurant with typical little Japanese houses, where you can eat sat on the ground. But, they were closed. I don't know if you had to ask for them to open them or something... maybe they are only for the Japanese.

One thing, careful not to arrive late (or if there are not too many people at the third buffet), the chef will not cook in front of you. If that is the case, speak to the owner, who will come to give you excuses and the chef will cook as he is supposed to.

The photo that I have put up is not of the restaurant, but there you can see what I mean when I say that the plates "move"...

A dining spectacular

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Really good value for money

Translated by flag-es Desi Pérez — 6 years ago

Original text by flag-es Javier López

I loved it. Maybe there are better places to eat Japanese food in Murcia, but without a doubt they'll be more expensive than this one. Here, you can eat good quality fodd for €15 only.

I recommend the tepanyaki table, now, ask the guy to "do a show", because we almost missed it since they began to serve our dishes.

The sushi board is really good and so is its value for money.

All in all, it's really recommendable!

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