Nueva Condomina

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Nueva Condomina

Translated by Beth Pearson — 4 years ago

Original text by Maika Cano Martínez

La Nueva Condomina is a large shopping complex and the biggest and most well known shopping centre in the whole of the Region of Murcia. There also exists another only kilometres away from 'La Nueva Condomina', which is called called shopping centre Thader. However Thader is an open air retail park out which impedes customers who want to peacefully look at the shops during cold or rainy periods. However, 'la Nueva Condomina' is completely under one roof and it is not necessary to suffer the cold to shop there peacefully.

Inside smoking is prohibited. Any customer who wishes to smoke has to go outside of the shopping centre. It is situated on the outskirts of the city of Murcia and to get to there, the shopper either has to have their own vehicle or use the public transport enabled for it. Out of the public transportation the customer has a choice between the bus, a taxi or the tram. The tram is a relatively new form of transportation in this community because just a few years ago people had to travel everywhere by bus but ever since it's introduction everybody has used it a lot. It is quite useful. As we have said, the tram stops in different places and it's destination is La Nueva Condomina. The bus ticket is very cheap and you only need to have one euro thirty cents to get to la Nueva Condomina.

Nueva Condomina


Once you arrive at the complex you are greeted with the cark park. This shopping centre possesses two car parks enabled for vehicles. Only one car park is for La Nueva Condomina and the other is at the front of the centre. However this second car park is reserved for those who are going to the other shops independent from la Nueva Condomina which sell household appliances, mobile phones and any other technology. Apart from technology outlets, there are a series of restaurants and fast food outlets with take-out competing with the shopping centre.

Inside la Nueva Condomina there are a large amount of clothes shops and other shops selling every other product. It is very spacious and has two floors separated by large electronic and glass escalators which permit you to observe the complex of shops from above and choose which one you want to go to. It is such a big establishment that the client is greeted by a map of the whole centre as soon as they walk in. The map is divided in sections; each section having a number and each number, an explanation of that particular store and what it sells.

All of the clothes shops are found on the ground floor - shops selling casual clothes and more specific ones for events such as weddings... There are shops selling suits for grooms, shoe shops, sports shops and jewellery shops as well as furniture shops and laser hair removal. It is easy to see that it is a very varied and diverse centre permitting you to choose from a large quantity of products and brands. The good thing about this centre is that it doesn't have it's own mark and if you're after a specific brand you are always going to find it.

On the above floor, there are mostly perfume and cosmetics shops as well as computer shops. There is a very famous shop which has all the technological products and without a shadow of a doubt, you will find what you are looking for.

On this second floor, you can also find bars and restaurants of every type, from Italian to Mexican restaurants and fast food. There are also cafés which sell delicious confectioneries and doughnuts of any form or variety. As you can see, there is food to suit all tastes, even including Arabic and Turkish cuisine whose delicious kebabs fill your mouth with saliva before you can even blink. If you wish to eat a large quantity of food, you can choose to go to the unlimited pasta buffet in which for not too high of a cost, the customer can taste any type of pasta or drink for the same price as there is also an open bar, inclusive of alcohol.

However on this floor there is not only food but it is where the cinema is found too with ten vast cinema screens in which the latest films are released on the big screen. There are in high resolution, screens of high quality as well as the latest sound equipment in order to listen perfectly to the film allowing them to enter the film, beginning to believe that they are living it themselves.

The cinema allow entry with food from outside, given that the whole centre is fitted out with shops selling food but what the viewers buy the most when they come to watch a film is the delicious caramelized popcorn being very well known in our city for it's excellent taste. You can also enter with chocolate waffles or any other confectionery.

On many occasions at the doors there are hostesses hired by a company to advertise a brand or product so sometimes you can even take a chocolate to try before entering the cinema.

At the entrance of the centre, there is an area for children of a young age so that parents can go shopping without the responsibility of being on the look out for their children. There is a hostess who is responsible for being attentive to the children and making sure they have everything they need. And this isn't everything. In the case in which the parents want the company of their child, there are a series of toys and motorized animals which the child can set up to go faster and therefore, not need to go around holding their mother's hand or in a pram.

At Christmas in the middle of the centre there is a tall, large Christmas tree adorned with striking dolls, baubles and Christmas lights. The tree is accompanied by an ice skating rink. In the region of Murcia there aren't temperatures of excessive cold so the people of Murcia have rarely seen snow in the capital. However, it doesn't pose a problem for the inhabitants since la Nueva Condomina is already providing an ice ice for everybody - from the little ones to the older and everyone in between. People can enjoy themselves and have a good time ice skating. Although there is always someone who falls, it is worth it; ice skating being a fantastic sport.

Nueva Condomina


Inside la Nueva Condomina there is a large quantity of ice cream parlours but in particular there is one called 'Sirvent' where they have the best artisan ice cream in the region. They have all of the flavours to suit all tastes. I find the nut and caramel chocolate especially tasty. They all look rather appetising and the waiters are really nice and always treat the clientèle well. In addition to ice cream, this ice cream parlour also serves coffee and breakfast. There are cheap offers of toasts and coffees, being a cheap place and good to have breakfast or to have tea with a great value for money. It possesses a terrace enabled for smokers or for whoever comes to have breakfast accompanied by their pet. Pets are not permitted inside but on this terrace they are, for lovers of dogs as man's best friend.

Finally, I encourage any person who lives or is going to live in Murcia in the future to visit la Nueva Condomina, a big shopping centre in which you can spend a great afternoon with friends or even by yourself.

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