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El Bosque Animado

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A different bar to have a nice time

Translated by flag-gb Beth Pearson — 6 years ago

Original text by flag-es Maika Cano Martínez

This bar is situated near to the Arco de San Juan and Murcia's Cathedral and opens every day.

What's different about this bar is that it's decorated like a wood (hence its name). It's something different. The walls have some kind of trunk on them. There are also areas with some branches with leaves, which emulate trees and they usually put candles on the tables at night.

A different bar to have a nice time

They also have a terrace where the waiters serve outside if you want to smoke and although it may not be decorated as if it were a wood, it's also very good. You can enjoy the Murcian climate in summer and they put a roof over the terrace and portable heaters out in winter.

The service is very good. The waiters are very pleasant and attentive.

To have a drink; you have several types of beer, cocktails with or without alcohol, natural juices, iced as well as hot tea, coffee and many different flavours of natural milkshakes The milkshakes are very good although it's true that it depends on the day they make it for you. There are several flavours: watermelon, chocolate, chocolate and banana, strawberry, mango, etc., and you can add whipped cream to it. They are also very cheap. I believe they cost €3.

A different bar to have a nice time

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