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'El ahorcado feliz' - The Happy Hangman

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A Tim Burton-style bar

Translated by flag-gb Helen Hardy — 7 years ago

Original text by flag- Laurie Lambert

The Happy Hangman café (El ahorcado feliz) is a bar next to Plaza Santa Eulalia. There are a lot of cool places in this area, and I like going there at night to eat or have a few drinks. It's quite a big bar, though it doesn't look like it from the outside. Its door is black, small and made of wood, so you have to keep your eyes peeled so you don't miss it by accident.

There's a very special atmosphere inside, which is what the place is famous for. Its originality comes from the fact that it's decorated in Tim Burton film-style, with black ceiling to floor curtains, candles on the tables, glass windows which remind you of a church - they're very long and thin (and thus don't let much light in) - old paintings on the walls, old-fashioned bronze tables, black and red sofas... The decoration has changed recently however; I think the bar now has a new owner, or something like that.

The tables are made of forged iron or of wood. The bar's feel is really cosy - it's romantic, but a dark, 'black' kind of romanticism. Even the toilets fit the style of the place, and you can see that every detail of the decoration is important to whoever designed it.

In terms of price, it's a little more expensive than in a normal bar. For example, I recommend the coffees and milkshakes (four euros each) even though they're a little more expensive than in other places. Remember that you're paying for the experience of sitting in the place too, though...

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