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El Rincón de los Faroles

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Quality food for 20 euros in Murcia

Translated by flag-gb Daniela Baker — 6 years ago

Original text by flag- Laurie Lambert

I have discovered a tapas bar, located next to the Merced campus, on the square with the pillars. It's on the left-hand side when you get to the square from the direction of the university entrance or from plaza Santo Domingo.

The outside space does not say much about the inside...it could seem like just an average tapas bar and as there are loads dotted around the perimeter of the square, the exterior doesn't make it stand out. The interior, however, is really great. The wooden tables are dotted around the room, there are barrels for decoration, as well as wooden frames and mirrors on the walls.

The food selection is even more interesting. They have tapas from Murcia as well as Seville. The Sevillian tapas is the toasted bread. You're going to tell me, there's nothing special about eating toasted bread. But actually, the bread in question is special; it comes from Seville. It's a big chunk of bread, like what you get in Belgium. On it you have oil, tomato, and a meat of your choice (serrano ham, grilled or marinated pork). It does not look like much but it's really delicious, it's a good-quality dish. But I must admit that it is a bit expensive (eight euros for just the bread). But prices are displayed and you must except that you'll end up paying between 15 and 20 euros in the end.

We have also tried the grilled chorizo. And so, to our surprise, the chorizos were brought over on a skewer over a fire, which was lit inside a little terracotta pig. You can then cook the chorizo over it; it's a delight to the eyes and then the taste buds!

Quality food for 20 euros in Murcia

The chorizo


I have also tried a variation of meatcake, with meat inside. Also really good.

Finally, I recommend this place for the 'manzanilla'. It's a sweet, apple-flavoured alcoholic drink. It's divine! It's fizzy. A bit like 'kidibul' but sweeter and much less chemical-tasting. Really good! You cannot go there without having tasted it.

Otherwise, I found the service OK and normal for a bar of this type, a tapas one.

Quality food for 20 euros in Murcia

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