Las tascas | Cafe, cocktail, beer in Murcia
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Las tascas

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The area to go out

Translated by Beth Pearson — 4 years ago

Original text by Laurie Lambert

In Murcia, what we call the 'Tascas' bring together the narrow and pedestrianised streets which are located to the right of the Merced (the university of law and literature) when you're opposite it. These streets cross over and are full of cafes and bars which fill up with students, happy to be partying in the evenings. There are bars for all tastes: rock music (Revolver), metal and rock (Ladrillo), concerts (Revolver), commercial music, gay bars (Temperatura Ambiante, Maricoco), sixties music bars (el Tremolo), international music, Spanish music only (Contra Corriente)... etc., etc.

The area to go out

I recommend you to go there from Thursday evening until Saturday. It's rammed and the atmosphere is assured. It's cool to be able to go from bar to bar and to see the different atmospheres in each one of them.

The tascas are what Le carré is in Liège; they're what the Temple Bar in Dublin is.

It's the zone not to be missed!

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