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Badulake Murcia Bar

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Badulake's amazing Erasmus parties

Published by flag-pl Mona K — 7 years ago

If you are an Erasmus student in Murcia, I defenitely recommend you to go to Badulake Bar! The entrance is free, and they give you free sangria until 1:00 am. The beer is also very cheap! The place is not big, and it gets really crowded on the weekends, but the best part about it is that it is the most popular club among Erasmus students so you can make a lot of new friends and meet people from all over the world. The international experience that you will surely enjoy!

It is also very easy to find, located in the city center and near the Gran Via. There is also a small pizza stand in front of the club, open all night, where you can grab a bite and something to drink.

The bar also organizes occasional parties, such as a Christmas party, or thematic parties - Mexican, Polish, Italian, cowboy, anything you can imagine.

It opens every day of the week, except Mondays. Closes at 6 am.

Enjoy the neverending party!

Amazing Erasmus parties in Murcia

Published by flag-cz Petra Halikova — 6 years ago

In Murcia you can find a lot of bars, it's a party place, indeed.


But....definitely one of the best Erasmus bar in Murcia. You can meet all Erasmus from Murcia there and party with them. Very cheap, great music and perfect topics for parties. I have spent a great time there with my friends.

Just try it.

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Badulake Bar

Published by flag-ie Anonymous Anonymous — 5 years ago

Badulake Bar, the students' club where the most famous international parties in Murcia take place, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 pm. Special offers and discounts for students.


Music: Pop - R'n'B - House

-------------------------------Weekly Parties--------------------------------



Every Tuesday shots for 50 cent, free beer and drinks and COCKTAILS for 4 euro, the best way to start the week.

**** Erasmus Wednesday ****

Every Wednesday you can enjoy the best international atmosphere in Murcia, beer and free sangria, drinks and COCKTAILS for 4 euro and the best international music.


At Badulake you're given the opportunity to celebrate your party with us, you can buy casks of beer or sangria from 45 euro and invite all your friends to your party, in addition we'll give you a special price on all drinks.


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Our second home

Translated by flag-gb Beth Pearson — 7 years ago

Original text by flag-fr Eliette Fritsch

Murcia's Erasmus bar or our second home during the entire year... You could go there from Tuesday to Saturday, with a different night for every night. At the beginning of the year, all the Erasmus gathered there. It was almost impossible at times to weave in and out or to be able to dance properly but we stayed there even so. As in the majority of Murcia's bars or as they call them, the 'tascas', the alcohol was cheap. We discovered 'chupitos' nights. This means tequila shooters, caramel rum or vodka for 25 cents from 11pm until midnight, 50 cents from midnight until 1am, 1 euro from 1am until 2am then 2 euros until closing time at 4am.

Our second home

Certainly, the alcohol sold wasn't the best but we drank it even so. The prices turned out to be twice as cheap as in France which was an opportunity to enjoy it to the max, particularly when a bar man got on the bar and served cava directly into our mouths. There was a second bar at the end available: chupitos special, where you could choose which one you wanted from a long list, for just two euros.

Our second home

On Friday nights, you could also deal with tequila sunrises or mojitos for 1 euro until 1am. The Erasmus association ESN night took place every Wednesday night where the beer and sangria were free. Thanks to the Desperados special, you could also receive each brand's glasses or hat for free. Badulake also organised all the cult nights like Halloween, Carnival or Saint Patrick's day where they gave out presents. The Spanish and international music, new to us, became our daily register that we could no longer go without. From Enrique Iglesias to Ricky Martin or more, Da Soul, we danced to Latino rhythms. Besides, the joys of the year abroad also included flirting and being dragged to the dancefloor.

Our second home

Unfortunately towards the end of the year, the bar wasn't as full of young students but more with 'old people' who could sometimes be very taxing. However as I often say, you can't have bad memories in good company so they are forgotten about. I miss the fact that we could go out every night, the music, the very nice barmen, the nights and the fact we could get drunk on cheap alcohol. It was an unforgettable experience at Badulake from start to finish; that I wish for all of Murcia's students.

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