La Terraza Verde

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A quiet oasis in Murcia

Translated by Kevin Schessler — 3 years ago

Original text by Sabrina Bübl

Don't you think, that Murcia misses a really beautiful park where you can go as soon as the sun is shining and the weather is sunny? Well, since this happens pretty often in this area, it is weird that there are not so many green and quiet parks in the city. And to go to the beach every time is not too convenient when you have to go to lectures, have to work or just do not want to pay the bus ticket always.

I have good news for you: I found a beautiful place for resting in Murcia. Even though it is not a park, the atmosphere is very magical and it is just as green as in a park (actually it is even more green than most parks all over the city). What I am referring to is La Terraza Verde, an amazing small bar, which is an outdoor bar and a little bit further away from all the noise of the city.


The terrace

In order to get there, you have to take a short walk from the city center (a little bit less than 2km), but that is not as bad, since as soon as you have arrived at the river, you just walk along the Huerto de Los Cipreses, then you are already on your way to Terraza Verde and in the green. Here is the way:


How to get to Terraya Verda from the cathedral

At the beginning of the Huerto de Los Cipreses there are a few nice, alternative beaches where you can walk by and even in the park itself there is an area with fitness equipment, where you can get into shape by burning some of the caloeries of the alcohol you have been drinking. From Huerto it is only a few more minutes until Terrazza and during the walk you will notice some very cute houses that look like the busy city life would be thousands of miles away.


On the way to Terraza Verde

The local is very cool and the atmosphere is always relaxing, you can have a nice chat and in the background there is always chilled music. Moreover, the owners have cats, that independently walk on the terrace and like to be petted by guests. Sometimes on the weekends there are even special events like flea markets, small concerts or grill parties. Just check out the Facebook-page to be informed about upcoming events.



The menu is generally normal (just as in every other bar in Murcia); you get Soft-Drinks, juices, beer, wine, Tinto de Verrano, tea, coffee, etc. Regarding food, there are many Tapas (Patatas Bravas, Nachos, Croquetas, Marinera, etc. ) and Montaditos. On other days, there are special events where they prepare a huge Paella, for example on days when they have the market.


Paella de verduras on Sundays

And that is not everything: At the same place there is also a very cool Hostel called La Casa Verde. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to stay there as a guest, but if I should ever visit Murcia again as a tourist, I know exactly where I want to stay. You can also stay there as a couple in a double room with bathroom for around 30€ (without bathroom it is 25€) or as a single person for around 16€ in a shared room. In all of these options you have a nice breakfast included! But the best of the whole package is that you access to the beautiful pool, where you can relax when you do not feel like exploring the city.


View of the pool from the balcony

Moreover, I heard that you can rent out a room for 250€ a month, but I do not know much more further about this. For all the Erasmus students: Get informed! It is very amazing to live there, since it is with a pool, in the nature and only 10 minutes away from the city center by bike.

Here are some more useful links:

One more last advise: The best is to go there during the weekends or during days when you have some more time available, then the walk and the atmosphere are so nice that you do not even want to go back to the city.

Have fun and enjoy the sun!

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