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Bar Zalacaín

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A bar with cultural events

Translated by flag-gb Beth Pearson — 6 years ago

Original text by flag- Laurie Lambert

The bar Zalacaín is situated next to the Merced (the central university). It's an old and pretty bar. There is only one floor inside but with an elevated part, like a sort of balcony. There are old and beautiful pieces of furniture; like a new art style large wardrobe with curves and many drawers. It makes you want to open them to see what they have inside... The waiters are young and nice. Apart from being a normal and ordinary bar where you can have a drink, the Zalacaín presents other advantages....

It's a bar with many cultural events. Mondays are dedicated to 'lunes literarios' (literary Mondays). A famous author from the region comes to present some poems, a literary work or to talk about themselves for the occasion. It's the opportunity to take an interest in the Spanish literature of the vicinity.

A bar with cultural eventsLunes Literarios


On Tuesday, there are the tandems. A tandem is a meeting between two people who speak different languages to be able to practice. For example, if you're learning English, you can go there to speak with natives. I've never tried it but some friends have told be it was serious and very good.

I've also seen that sometimes (this Thursday for example), they organise Jam Session. A jam session is a meeting between musicians who don't especially know each other. You can bring your instrument there and improvise on some notes with the other musicians present.

They also organise concerts in this bar every once in a while. You have to look at the cafe's Facebook page to find out the dates.

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