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Murcia's flea market

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Small flea market on Sunday mornings...

Translated by Desi Pérez — 2 years ago

Original text by Laurie Lambert

If you're looking for old, rare, useful (or not) items, or you simply want to experience the atmosphere of a flea market on Sunday mornings, I advise you to take a walk next the Segura river, right before 'Paseo del Malecón'. Recently, you can find there some antiques stallholders who install their stalls to sell things, such as: photos, cards, old furniture, etc. . It's quite small, there are only ten stallholders, but I suppose it is still growing. Then, obviously, it isn't Madrid's flea market but it has the merit of existing since you won't find this kind of markets in Murcia.

There used to be organised a flea market right behind the bus station. I don't know if it still exists or maybe it has just changed its location and moved to 'Paseo del Malecón'. You could try both places to check it out yourselves.

Here you have a photo of this flea market (the one in 'Paseo del Malecón'). Organizers call themselves 'friends of the flea market'.

Small flea market on Sunday morning...

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Small Sunday morning flea market

Translated by Beth Pearson — 2 years ago

Original text by Laurie Lambert

If you are in search of old, rare, useful (or not) objects or if you're simply missing Sunday morning markets in Murcia, I recommend going near to the Paseo de Malecón at that moment in time. Basically second hand dealers have recently set up there to sell antiques. There are very few for the moment with around ten exhibitors. However what they sell is of quality. We are far from the simple empty attics we find at home. Those who organise it are known as 'the friends of the flea market' (los amigos del rasto). The rastro is the antiques market, like the one in Madrid in La Latina.

Attention. I have indicated the Paseo de Malecón as the address but it's more precisely next to the suspended bridge, before the entrance to the 'carril bici' (cycle path along the river). I still haven't bought anything so I can't tell you what price range we're in but I suppose you have to haggle like in every flea market worthy of the name. :)

Before, there is also a small flea market next to the bus station (estacón de autobuses), just behind, in the Salzillo museum's surroundings. I don't know if it's the same flea market which now takes place near to the Malecón path or if it's another. You can always take a look at both places.

Small Sunday morning flea market

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