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Bocados Keki

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Tapas bar (15 euros) with quality food

Translated by flag-gb Beth Pearson — 6 years ago

Original text by flag- Laurie Lambert

The bar Bocados Keki is situated next to the plaza San Juan, on the same square where the cool bar 'La Bosque Animado' is found or again, the city's only Mexican restaurant. There is a terrace outside!

The bar Bocados Keki is a little tapas bar situated in the corner of this square, on Soledad road. You can eat toasties, hamburgers with fresh bread or again, several portions of tapas ('raciones') there. There isn't a lot of choice but that's the proof that everything they serve you will be of quality, prepared with care and with local products. In terms of price, it's around twelve-fifteen euros maximum with around 5 portions of tapas, half a litre of beer and a desert. Therefore it's absolutely reasonable and the value for money is absolutely decent!

The bar is small but modern and well decorated with wine bottles visible. There are just four or five tables positioned opposite the long bar. The bar therefore fills up quickly. Astonishingly, I wasn't disturbed by the noise given the proximity of the tables like in other Spanish bars.

In terms of food, I only tried the tapas but I saw the hamburgers. They also looked exquisite!

I recommend:

  • The aubergines with honey (berenjas con miel)
  • The croquettes (they're in the top ten croquettes in Spain. Shame on me; I prefer the Belgian ones but well, you can make your own mind up. )
  • La tabla de queso (an assortment of cheeses) with labels on each one of them giving their place of origin and type of cheese and all in order of strength (from weaker to stronger) and served with a preserve.
  • The patatas bravas which resemble Belgian house chips. The spicy sauce (which isn't really spicy) is served separately so you can choose not to have it if you don't like spice!
  • We also tried crispy prawns coated in breadcrumbs but I didn't find them exceptional.
  • And for desert, the cremoso de queso (cheese cake style cream cheese revisited). Exquisite!

On that note, enjoy your meal!


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Quality tapas for €15

Published by flag-gb Megan Carter — 5 years ago


The Bocados Keki bar is next to San Juan square, after the pubs, where you can also find a very cool bar called 'El bosque animado' or the only Mexican restaurant in Murcia.

This tapas bar is small and is situated in the corner of the square on 'Calle Soledad'. You can get hot sandwiches or burgers that look really good and are made with fresh, crusty bread. As well as this, they serve tapas. There isn't much to choose from but that is proof that the food that they serve you will be well-cooked and of good quality. All of the products are locally produced. In terms of the prices, it is roughly €12-15 for five different tapas dishes, a 500ml beer and a dessert. The prices are very good for the quality of the food you are eating.

The decor is very modern. It is well decorated with bottles of wine, original drawings on the walls and on the lights. The colour scheme is of a stylish black-grey-white tone. Opposite the bar, there are only five tables. As I already mentioned, the bar is quite small. But you can also sit outside on the terrace. So as you can imagine the bar fills up very quickly, but neither the noise nor the proximity to other tables annoys me like it has in other bars.

About the food, I only tried the tapas but I did see the hamburgers and they looked delicious.


To eat, I would recommend:

  • The aubergines with honey. They are cut into small, fine rectangles, like a walking stick, and coated with honey.
  • The croquettes. They are the speciality of this bar. These particular croquettes are listed in the top ten in Spain. I wasn't a huge fan but I have different tastes to the Spaniards because of my Belgian nationality. However, you should try them and form your own opinion.
  • The cheeseboard. The cheeses are organised from the weakest to the strongest. All of the cheese is either from Spain or from the USA. Every cheese has a label showing its origin. The cheeseboard is served with marmalade on the side.
  • The spicy potatoes. They look more like French fries like in Belgium. They are homemade and very rich. Also, the sauce is separate which allows you to just take a little if you don't like the spice like me, for example. But the sauce isn't overly spicy.
  • I also ate crispy prawns. They didn't look exceptional however they still tasted good.
  • For dessert, we had cheesecake which was very tasty as well.

Here is the photo of the terrace, if you like eating outside.



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Great food at decent prices

Translated by flag-ve Lisa Bervoets — 5 years ago

Original text by flag-es Emilio Nicolás

Every time I've been to this café, I've left feeling pretty pleased. The tapas that are prepared are delicious... don't miss out on the tune teriyaki!

Great food at decent prices

Tapería Keki is a really good place to go to have a tapa and a beer, and only costs 2 euros if you ask for a prepared tapa, which I couldn't recommend more. You can also enjoy an evening meal or eat at the restaurant and choose one of their set meals, which aren't too much but they don't disappoint.

If I had to include a 'but' here, it would be that the place is a little noisy as it's not very big, and the tables are a little uncomfortable.

Great food at decent prices

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