Stroll in the mountains: La Fuensanta

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Stroll in the mountains: La Fuensanta

Translated by Jake Entwistle — 5 years ago

Original text by Laurie Lambert


If you want to go for a stroll through the forest or the mountains (and I mean stroll rather than a full-on hike), then look no further than Fuensanta. I walk which can take between two hours and five hours.

You start at Fuensanta and end up wherever you want. For me personally, I usually end up San Antonio museum, in Algezares. Or sometimes in the next village, where there's a botanical garden and where a lot of Spanish people have massive BBQs. Also, if you walk a few hours more, you can finish at the castle.

To get to Fuensanta you can take the no. 50 Latbus. You can also go towards Alberca, located just below the Fuensantasanctuary. You have to get off at the Alberca bus stop then start walking towards Fuensanta where you start the walk. There are buses every hour, even on a Sunday! I'd advise you not to do this walk when it's really hot, it's better when there are a few clouds in the sky and you want to do something else other than going to thecinema; ).

To get back to Murcia, take the no. 29 or no. 6 bus from Algezares. You only have to walk down from the mountain to get to the village, it takes about 15/20 minutes. I've never been as far as the castle so I can't really tell you how the best way to get back from there. The routes are signposted pretty well though. It's difficult to get lost as the route pretty much follow the motorway.

If you're going to make sure you do one thing though, go to the Centro de la Luz museum and restaurant. The restaurant has a terrace with panoramic views. It's close to Fuensanta, on the way in fact. It's the perfect place to have a break, a beer, and take in the breathtaking view of Murcia. Be careful, if you're going on a Sunday and want to stop off for a bite to eat, it's better to book in advance as it will be very busy.

Here's the site: :

Oh yeah, there are also some roman ruins nearby!

Have a good trip. :)

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