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El Salto Del Usero

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El Salto Del Usero: Tranquil Springs in the middle of Nowhere

Published by flag-ve Lisa Bervoets

El Salto Del Usero is a natural springs on the outskirts of a Murcian town called Bullas. You can dive there, park your car near by, or you can take a bus to Bullas. But, be prepared to walk. Walking there can be a 20 to 30 minute walk, both uphill and downhill, depending on where you start. Getting to the natural springs involves a small incline, before walking down to the springs themselves. The area itself is a beautiful area, particularly on a hot day, and there's enough water to cool you down. Though, in my most recent experience, the water was surprisingly warm.

As well as a beautiful view, the water here is deep enough to jump from the top of the cliffside down. It's a great way to cool off, as well as experience a shot of adrenaline. The jump is ace, even if it's not too high.

If you look at the photo I took below, there's a bridge. The cliff edge by there is where you can jump into the water.


From my experience, the area is reasonably quiet. Having gone twice, there was just enough people, but not too many as to make it uncomfortable. And, as expected, the large majority of individuals were tourists, so be expected for that when you go (because honestly, the place is so beautiful it's a must-go for Erasmus students, and tourists alike).

Police make a rare appearance to make sure individuals are behaving safely, and that no one has food and drink (or at least don't throw around their litter). It's a very beautiful place, as you can see from the limited photos that I've taken, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the Murcia area.


Just look how beautiful!

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