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Alcazares: the sailing club restaurant

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Alcazares Sailing Club: restaurant

Translated by flag-gb Beth Pearson — 6 years ago

Original text by flag- Laurie Lambert

Alcazares Sailing Club: restaurant


The Alcazares sailing club is located at the seaside. It's a club you can join but this is expensive. This membership allows you to access the chairs to lie down. Although you aren't members, you can access the club's restaurant; which I recommend. You can eat fish, rice, tapas... but above all the 'caldero' (a rice speciality from the Mar Menor). It's a plate of brown rice (the fish broth it's prepared in gives it this colour). The best bit is the garlic they serve with the caldero. It's denser than in France or Belgium. It isn't exactly the same garlic mayonnaise we eat there. What's more, it's better because they prepare it themselves. A 'caldero' costs more or less twelve euros for two people (minimum). If you want to eat one, I recommend booking in advance because it takes two hours to prepare. Also if you want to eat tapas, it's best to reserve if it's during a summer weekend because there will be many people, especially in the terrace situated above the sea on stilts. Inside the interior, the restaurant is quite spacious.

Alcazares Sailing Club: restaurantCaldero


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A good place to eat

Translated by flag-es Desi Pérez — 6 years ago

Original text by flag- Fulgencio Lozano

Excellent decoration and service. A nice atmosphere with creative food for a reasonable price in Murcia.


I recommend it!

Fulgencio Lozano



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