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  • Bocados Keki - A lot more that a tapas bar

    Creative cooking in Murcia. Enjoy delicious tapas with a refreshing glass of beer in your hand. A great selection of cheeses and some of the best "croquetas" in the city center.

  • Foster's Club

    It is now that time I spoke about a typical Erasmus site in my city: Murcia. It is one of the best places to drink beer around here and serves as a warm up to build the party up somewhere else (be it Badulake, Music, etc. ) or simply as somewhere to enjoy quality...

    0 by Beth, 3 days ago
  • Café Andaluz- Moroccan Café

    If you fancy discovering the Moroccan ambience in Murcia, I recommend heading to the district situated behind the bus station. There, in the street just before the station and towards the back of it, you will find the Al-Andaluz café. So, next to the Salzillo museum....

    0 by Emily, 2 months ago
  • Republican Bar

    The bar República is situated beside the University of Merced (beside the semi-circular baptismal plaza, the so-called left - hand side since it is in front of the principal gate to the University). It is a dark bar with large wooden tables and benches. The music is...

    0 by Mary, 3 months ago
  • 'El ahorcado feliz' - The Happy Hangman

    The Happy Hangman café (El ahorcado feliz) is a bar next to Plaza Santa Eulalia. There are a lot of cool places in this area, and I like going there at night to eat or have a few drinks. It's quite a big bar, though it doesn't look like it from the outside. Its door is...

    0 by Helen, 7 months ago

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