• Bocados Keki - A lot more that a tapas bar

    Creative cooking in Murcia. Enjoy delicious tapas with a refreshing glass of beer in your hand. A great selection of cheeses and some of the best "croquetas" in the city center.

  • Collados Beach

    This place is found at the end of La Manga, close to the "Puente de la Risa" (the Bridge of Laughter) in Veneziola. It's only open in summer, and as well as being open to the public, it can be reserved for weddings or other events. What makes it different? Being cut off...

    0 by Ross, one month ago
  • Foster's Club

    It is now that time I spoke about a typical Erasmus site in my city: Murcia. It is one of the best places to drink beer around here and serves as a warm up to build the party up somewhere else (be it Badulake, Music, etc. ) or simply as somewhere to enjoy quality...

    0 by Beth, 2 months ago
  • Café Andaluz- Moroccan Café

    If you fancy discovering the Moroccan ambience in Murcia, I recommend heading to the district situated behind the bus station. There, in the street just before the station and towards the back of it, you will find the Al-Andaluz café. So, next to the Salzillo museum....

    0 by Emily, 4 months ago
  • Republican Bar

    The bar República is situated beside the University of Merced (beside the semi-circular baptismal plaza, the so-called left - hand side since it is in front of the principal gate to the University). It is a dark bar with large wooden tables and benches. The music is...

    0 by Mary, 5 months ago
  • 'El ahorcado feliz' - The Happy Hangman

    The Happy Hangman café (El ahorcado feliz) is a bar next to Plaza Santa Eulalia. There are a lot of cool places in this area, and I like going there at night to eat or have a few drinks. It's quite a big bar, though it doesn't look like it from the outside. Its door is...

    0 by Helen, 9 months ago

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