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  • Experience

    Erasmus experience in Saint Etienne, France. By Clemence

    How was it living in the town Saint Etienne? Would you recommend it? How’s the town? The town is not that pretty, but there are a lot of shops in the centre so it’s not bad! Either way it’s a student town and comes alive at night. Source How is the student...

  • Blog


    Walking where Ulysses walked An improvised hike in the hills of Zakynthos One afternoon we decided spontaneously to do a walk in the hills of Zakynthos. And yes, Greece is not just long, sandy beaches. Behind the many trees hide magnificent views. You have to really...

  • Place

    Civic Centre

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well, in this blog I hope to share with you one more place that you will know in the centre of Lima, this place was practically one of the last buildings to be built in Lima in the 70s. I’m talking about The Civic Centre. fuente...

  • Blog

    First impressions of the city

    The first impression when you get into the city is “what a mess!”, a labyrinth of streets which all resemble each other, from the sand on the ground and on the roads to more and more sand which is never-ending. It’s like the sea continued into the town and it...

  • Place

    Bungee jumping

    Going on erasmus I’d vaguely imagined that I was going to have a few adventures. And then people told me that it was going to be the best year of my life, that it was gonna be amazing etc… But until you get there you don’t really know that. In the end, it was a...

  • Experience

    Erasmus experience in Quebec, Canada. By César

    Why did you choose to go to Quebec, Canada? I got a very generous bursary to do my studies for my doctorate. How long does the bursary last and what’s the amount that you receive? In sharing my studies with Spain, I have to be in Quebec for 2 years. I received...

  • Blog

    Swedish people

    Well I’m going to stick my neck out and talk a little about the behaviour of Swedish people that I know from my experience. To start, what characterises the Swedes is their lack of spontaneity and that they don’t show emotion. It’s a culture that’s very...

  • Experience

    Experience in Ankara, Turkey, by Mamadou

    How is life in Ankara? Would you recommend this city? It’s a marvellous city with a peaceful and colourful atmosphere. Newly built, it’s an example of a contemporary civilisation. Source How is student life in Ankara? The administrative character of the city has...

  • Experience

    Erasmus experience in Kingston, Canada, by Clémence

    Why did you choose to go to Kingston, Canada? I mostly chose this place because of the university which is very good there! How long was your trip? How much financial aid do you receive? I stayed for four months from September to December. I received a grant from the...

  • Experience

    Hamburg (Germany) Experience, by Mélina

    How is life in Hamburg? Would you recommend this city? Life there is very pleasant and I would highly recommend this city! In my eyes it is one of the best German cities. How is student life in Hamburg? Also very nice, there are a lot of students, a lot of...

  • Blog

    My tips for saving money whilst travelling (good quality trips guaranteed!)

    Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you some top-tips that I discovered during my trips for saving as much as possible, but all whilst having the best experience possible! These are tips based on my experiences of travelling and not really from my...

    0 por Hannah en Erasmus tips
  • Experience

    My experience in Malaga, Spain. By Asma

    What is life like in Malaga? Would you recommend this city? The city is big and thus very pleasant to live in. It is not at all difficult to get from place to place thanks to the transport. The Malagueños are very nice and they go out often. Source How is student life...

  • Experience

    Concert Venues in Granada

    This is just a little article about the different concert and event venues in Granada. Coming from Bordeaux, a city which hosts a multitude of concerts and events every year of all kinds of genres, I admit that that changed my view when I got to Granada. In fact, if you...

  • Experience

    The magic of the Algerian Sahara

    I am Algerian and I’m writing this to share with you an experience which completely changed my vision on life and also to pay homage to the people there who taught me the principles of existence... blue men (aka the sailors of the desert!) The first time I discovered...

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