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Hannah Kilpatrick

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Hannah Kilpatrick

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  • Experience

    My experience in Malaga, Spain. By Asma

    What is life like in Malaga? Would you recommend this city? The city is big and thus very pleasant to live in. It is not at all difficult to get from place to place thanks to the transport. The Malagueños are very nice and they go out often. Source How is student life...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus experiences Malaga, 2 days ago
  • Experience

    Concert Venues in Granada

    This is just a little article about the different concert and event venues in Granada. Coming from Bordeaux, a city which hosts a multitude of concerts and events every year of all kinds of genres, I admit that that changed my view when I got to Granada. In fact, if you...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus experiences Granada, 8 days ago
  • Experience

    The magic of the Algerian Sahara

    I am Algerian and I’m writing this to share with you an experience which completely changed my vision on life and also to pay homage to the people there who taught me the principles of existence... blue men (aka the sailors of the desert!) The first time I discovered...

    0 by Hannah in Erasmus experiences Algiers, 22 days ago

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