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Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 2 years ago

Retrobottega is a very interesting place that has newly opened in Via della Stelletta, 4, in the old part of Rome. It is really one of a kind and I was so intrigued by it’s diversity that I decided to book a table with my family and go and try this new place out. My aunt actually recommended this and she is someone who has really been everywhere and done everything so I completely trust her in these decisions. 

Retrobottega has really tried to create an innovative and experimental cuisine with a “feel at home” touch. They inspire to a gastronomic lab where you can come and taste a variety of new and experimental dishes. They base their inspirations on saving as much waste as they can, therefore creating innovative dishes by reusing unused food This philosophy is also valid for their interior décor, where they tried to create as much as they can with waste products. Their tables are a “lay it yourself” so you have a draw and inside there are recycled paper placemats, napkins and your knives and forks. The water glasses are also made of recycled cardboard and the wine glasses are made of plastic. 


If you book, you are welcomed into a room with a large table which seats 8. The idea is that you share a table with other people in order to save space. 

The menu as previously explained is constantly different due to their idea of creating. However it is also full of different options such as your starters, pasta dishes, meat or fish dishes, sides and deserts. When I went there was a very varied menu, unfortunately I wasn’t a big fan of certain ingredients but they were certainly unusual. We tried an interesting starter of anchovies which was good if you like anchovies. My aunt loved it however i was not much of a fan. For my main I ended up choosing sole fish with vegetables whilst both my mother and my aunt chose Veal cheek slow cooked with mashed potato. Both the fish and the meat were so tender and full of flavour. Even the vegetables were delightful – I did miss some potatoes on my side though. 



The deserts were even more unique. I am a huge fan of crème brûlés, and in fact they had a “crema bruciata” with chestnut and an apple purée. The desert was a contrast of sweet apple purée with the sour chestnut - it was a beautiful creation. 


All in all my experience here was very positive. I found the restaurant very lovely, and above all very interesting. However this is not the location if you want to go to have some traditional Italian food. On the other hand I highly recommend this place if you are looking for somewhere different and unique. 

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