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Gelateria del teatro

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Best ice cream I've ever eaten

Published by Karolina G. — 2 years ago

Gelateria del Teatro is one of the places with famous Italian ice cream - gelato. It is not the oldest most traditional or the most known gelateria in Rome, but it definitely has the best ice cream I have ever eaten. So, personally I would come back there anytime!

It is not very big and quite easy to walk by but it's definitely worth fiinding in the labirynth of small streets in Rome. The choice of ice cream flavors is wide, so everyone will find something they like. If you're a fan of gelato, like me, it is very difficult to decide which ones you should try, as all of them are delicious. We have been there in a group of fice people, took different flavors to try from everyone's cup but still after the first round, we came back for more. Some flavors are more tradicional and some other ones more experimental, depending on what you like and how adventurous you are.

There is not so much space to sit but if the weather is nice you can just take it away or sit on one of the benches or stairs next to the shop. Even if there's a queue, the ice cream is worth the wait ;)

Best ice cream I've ever eaten

(photos from official facebook page)

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