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Ponte Milvio District.

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The trendiest district in Rome!


My district!

Dearest friends and readers, today I want to share with you the extraordinary experience that, many times, I've had in the district of Ponte Milvio, known in Rome as "il Ponte degli Innamorati" (lovers' bridge).

The "Ponte degli Innamorati"

This is actually a famous bridge where new and steadier couples go to put a lock and to throw the key in the Tevere, the river under the bridge, as a symbol of their forever love. Unluckily, many locks have been removed through the years, but you can still see some of them at the ends of the bridge, on the last lamps!

General Informations

Where is Ponte Milvio district?

This very famous bridge, hence the district it names, it's 20-ish minutes walking from the Stadio Olimpico (Olimpic Stadium), and also from the Foro Italico. It's such an important monument that this part of Rome, in theory, called Quartiere Olimpico (Olimpic District), sometimes it's called Ponte Milvio district, since it wraps this ancient Roman bridge! Shortly you'll find it at the beginning (or the end! ) of the very big and old Via Flaminia!



How can I arrive at this so famous district?

There are many busses lines that will leave you next to Ponte Milvio. I can think of the number 68, number 32. You can also use the very comfortable tram number 2, which will stop just some meters away from the bridge, before its last stop in Piazza Mancini. You can take it in Piazzale Flaminio, and I suggest it since there are no metro stations near the Bridge.

Are there any shopping area near the place?

For sure! You just need to go across the square and walk for some hundreds of meters, to find, with no problems at all, numerous shops and restaurants (a little expensive but extremely good), really chic and full of stuff.

It's a district where I bought many of my Roman souvenirs, without having to go all around the city! Ponte Milvio district is well furnished of anything you could ask for! That's why, for real, living in this part of the city means to live in a sort of different city, different from Rome!



Are there many places where you can eat?

Yes! There are many bars and restaurants in the Piazzale di Ponte Milvio and, if you cannot be content with a drink and a walking pizza, you'll spend a little more than usual! But the quality of the restaurants is always high (I tried them all! ). I would rather not go too away from the square, some restaurants out there are very bad quality.

In this picture, you can see the famous and very good bar Roma Beer Company! . I suggest to go near here at lunchtime, but in particular for aperitives or after dinner, also only for a beer! The place is full of happy people and gets full in seconds!



Is it usually crowded?

More than crowded, I would rather say haunted by tourists. It can happen that walking around there at 2 pm and have to wait for some tourist to go away from the best view of Corso Francia, to take, you too, a picture good enough of Ponte Milvio.

My personal experience

Personally, I had the luck to see this bridge twice a day, when I lived in Rome, for almost two years. In fact, I lived really near the place and I think it was, with no doubt, one of the best districts in which I lived. I think that I would love to live again there, Ponte Milvio gives its name to one of the most livable, active and well-known districts in Rome! The only thing that would stop me, would be the amount of money needed to pay the rent in the district that, I remember, was the double of what my friends were paying, who lived also in Rome, but they would need almost one hour of travel to get to the center.

The Fantastic Church that you can see in this picture is the one I used to see every morning when I waked up from my apartment. It's something I miss so much because I felt protected and awaken by one of the most artistic places of Rome!




In conclusion, to this Ponte Milvio, in my head, many thoughts are connected. the best I think is the one where I showed for the first time this awesome bridge to my mom that came to visit during Easter. Once more I suggest this type of experience, of visiting and travel, with the people you love, that everyone knows in this world can be the only steady point of your life and certainty of your care and love.

I still keep the memories of this fantastic Piazzale di Ponte Milvio that is the center of the district. many times happened to meet famous people, but, more important, it is here where I founded most of my friends in Rome.

Thanks for reading! I hope you founded it of help and moreover, I hope that you will visit one day because it's one of the thousands of beauties in Rome!

See you soon!

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