'Forum Romanum'

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'Forum Romanum' in Rome

Published by Nicole B. — 6 years ago

The 'Forum Romanum' is directly located next to the Colosseum and is the oldest roman forum. It is one of the major attractions in Rome and is therefore also very popular among tourists. It is a cultural sight with a lot of history. The area of the 'Forum Romanum' compromises various ruins and is very wide. It is definitely a worthwhile visit as gets offered a lot. Next to all the remainings, which one can see, it also offers beautiful surroundings. Additionally, one has a outstanding view from certain points in the area, which are higher located. Therefore, it is wise to examine the whole area, so one does not miss out on something. The view also gives one impression over the city of Rome and possible further sights that might be interesting to examine.

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