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Rock in Rome

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A wait well worth it for the dream concert.

Translated by James Imparato — 29 days ago

Original text by Eliette Fritsch

The concert was performed at the end of July in Rome, beautiful capital of Italy. I traveled all the way from Alicante Spain, to attend the Muse concert all day Saturday. Being a die-hard fan for a number of years, me, and my sister-in-law had to wait the entire morning to get a decent place close to the stage.

Unfortunately we didn’t know what we were in store for. The venue began to fill at 9:00am, and by this time hundreds of people had already arrived, some with mattresses. Anticipating a show of some 10 hours sitting on our lawn chairs, an umbrella to protect us from the sun, and our snacks, at last we could relax.

At 10:45am the the line began to move, everyone rushed forward and we were squished. There were other more raucous crowd issues. The event organizers left much to be desired? Worst yet the heat and humidity, close to 40C and then some. It became insufferable. Relief in sight, the doors would be opening at 2:30pm.

Most of us had umbrellas we could use for the heat, and they had water to spray on the crowd. Certain select spectators had been issued green bracelets that in one way or another inadvertently added more to the confusion and chaos in the crowd.

Vendors of all types worked the lines shouting Umbrelili or aqua.

A wait well worth it for the dream concert.

It was about 3 in the afternoon when we arrived at our assigned area for you the festival, right in the middle, and more of less at a good vantage point. Later when we learned that the concert was attended by 35,000 people we had a new appreciation for the spot we had.

A wait well worth it for the dream concert.

The insufferable heat and humidity became more problematic as the day progressed making it more difficult to circulate the grounds to where water was available. The charge for a little bottle of water 2€, and 5€ for a beer. The wait became unbearable but the anticipation of seeing our favorite band made it worth the wait, at 7:00pm the opening act, “Nothing but Thieves” which warmed the crowd up and who must of been very proud to be playing in front of thousands and just before the main act, before Muse and its band members including Matthew, Dominic and Christopher.

A wait well worth it for the dream concert.

We were convinced Muse would take the stage around 9:00pm as usual, but because it was a festival and not a regular concert, they took the stage at 10:00pm. When the hour approached the crowd was in a frenzy. At last they appeared on stage for a spectacular, unforgettable show till 1:30 am! I had to remind myself to breath as I was taken in with such emotion. The concert went by much too quickly in light of the effort it took to realize. But it was fantastic nonetheless. There interpretation of citizen erased couldn’t have been more beautiful!

A wait well worth it for the dream concert.

Muse fans if you go to see them in concert the price of admission is well worth it, but in retrospect, not if they are part of a festival.

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