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Amazing History

Published by Lauren Armstrong — 5 years ago

Rome is a beautiful city because of the history it exudes. Everywhere you go you run into a historical area, whether its arc de triumph, roman ruins or Trevi Fountain. There are so many places to see in Rome!!


One of the most iconic and best places to visit is the Colosseum, you will not believe your eyes when you see this beautiful arena. Besides how big it is all the parts that are included and how long it took to make is incredible. You can walk outside onto a platform and see the inside of the colosseum looking down and see the chambers where they would keep the gladiators. This place is truly amazing, and there is lots of history to read about and see here.

Roman Forum

Right next to the Colosseum is the Roman Forum where there are many ruins. IMPORTANT: Go see the roman forum first because once you buy your ticket there it also includes a ticket to get into the colosseum. The lines are crazy at the colosseum to buy so this is much easier and better. Here you can walk around and see all the architecture of important government buildings which was essentially the center of roman life during that time.  You can see the remains of many temples and basilicas. This place is amazing and you can see how it was the center of roman life and being so closely located to the colosseum. Its fun to imagine the grand temples and basilicas they had.

Trevi Fountain

This is known as the fountain of love. This is a beautiful fountain within the city, when I first saw it I lost my breath it was beautiful. The water was so blue and the beautiful sculptures. This fountain is one of the largest in Rome.  It is a popular thing when you get to the fountain to throw coins and make a wish. There are cute shops and restaurants all around this fountain and great gelato! The fountain gets very crowded though and is sometimes hard to take pictures because there are so many people!


The pantheon is a must see! It is beautiful and located around restaurants and shops it doesn’t seem to appear to belong there anymore! It is a beautiful building and when you enter the inside it is huge and decorated beautifully like all roman things. There is also a fountain right in front of it. This is a great place to grab something to eat or coffee and sit and enjoy the views. The pantheon is very well preserved.

Piazza Novana

This is a great piazza filled with many people. There are street vendors all over the square selling art. There is also a large fountain that is very beautiful. This square is always filled with people because of the restaurants and street vendors it provides.

I grabbed lunch here and it was a beautiful piazza to sit outside on and watch everyone walk by.

Spanish steps

The Spanish steps are what they are, consisting of more than a hundred steps.   The stairs are amazing and hold a lot of history to as why they were built. It is a great place to see on your list of Rome attractions as well attracts many people and artists.

 Castel sant’angelo

This is also a pretty place to go to and take pictures of. You must pay to get inside but it is beautiful on the inside and surrounded by water.

Altare della Patria

This monument is beautiful and full of history. It is amazing to go inside and see everything.

St. Peters Basilica

Located in the Vatican City, which is its own city, the Vatican is amazing. It is huge and so is the square. Once you enter you are amazed at how beautiful it is and every little detail that is in this Basilica. Every statue and every painting is magnificent. You can walk up the stairs to the very top all the way to the Cupola or Dome. It is amazing and is worth every stop (there is a lot) but worth it, it does get a bit narrow walking but its fun! The walls are all beautifully painted at the top of the cupola and parts of it you can go outside to see an amazing view of Rome and get a great picture of the city. Out of al the churches I visited the Vatican was the most beautiful inside! Plus it was fun to see the guards all dressed up and guarding it.  

WOMEN: Don’t forget while visiting these churches you must have your legs and arms covered. So no short shorts and no tank tops. I suggest taking a light sweater or a scarf to cover yourself because they will not let you in otherwise.

Rome is an amazing city with so much history and so much to see! I saw so many churches and they were all beautiful. It is also nice because you can walk everywhere. When I first arrived I took a bus from the airport to the city and we stayed at a hostel M&J Hostel Hotel. It was very nice looked more like a hotel than hostel! There were a lot of people, which was a good sign! There were also restaurants all around it and the restaurant next door offered special prices for people staying in the hostel. 

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