In one of Rome street

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Taste of the Rome Moments.

Published by Karolina Čižaite — 6 years ago

Being tired of noisy Athens city (our Erasmus was in this city) we decided to visit Rome, because all the ways goes to Rome. We are studying recreation and tourism, so it was an opportunity to explore different city. and Rome was really different from the Athens - actually it reminded us of our home country - Lithuania :)

What 2 girls can do when they are traveling before Christmas in Rome city? :DD  A lot - walking down the Rome streets, searching in the touristic map for the Rome special places - Colosseum, Vatican city ( it has a nice squerre, but what is funny is to see a long long line of tourists who wants to enter to the Vatican Museum - whoops, but we weren't so patient to wait for so long), Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (we actually stayed near this beautiful church) and much more. 

Also go to the Italy and do not taste an italian food would be a big offense! Where is my pizza, by the way? :D

Maybe you have a question why I upluaded this kind of photo? It is hard to choose an one main object in Rome old city. I enjoyed every object I had seen in Rome old city. It is nice just to walk through Rome streets, enjoying every sound and view. Taste of moment.

Actually, it doesn't matter in what place you are now. What really matters it is, what we feel, discover, find something new and diffrent about that place. Don't be just a tipical tourist -  try to explore something unusual, to smell, to taste the real LIFE of that place. Don't stop - smile, have fun, travel around the world :)

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