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Clivo di Scauro

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Clivo di Scauro, a hidden path

Published by Gaia Rosato — 2 years ago

Clivo di Scauro is a hidden street close to the Colosseum.

Even if it's that close to one of the main touristic places in Rome, it feels like it's so far away, as it's silent, calm, so much different from the rest of the center in Rome. This old road is probably 6th century old, it owes its origins to the Aemilia Scauri family, possibly Marcus Aemilius Scaurus.

The main attraction is this little path covered by bricks archs, that create a very nice perpsective and atmosphere, great for pictures as well! There is usually not many people, and mostly are nuns and old people visiting the church next to it.

Following the path you get near the Circo Massimo, but before getting there, on the left, there is another amazing church on the top of a big stair, San Gregorio al Celio. On top you have a nice view of the palatin hill (the side of it, so mostly trees) and there is an old patio to get inside. 

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