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Temakinho - Japanese & Brazilian fusion cuisine.

Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 4 years ago

Is it possible to have more than one favourite restaurant? Because I have many. This place in particular, it is so original, unique and different to anything I have ever been to. It is one of those places that once you go once, you start to constantly krave their food.

About Temakinho

Temakinho is a Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine. This is inspired from the long history between the Japanese and Brazilians. In 1900’s, a large amount of families migrated to Santos looking for fortune. Now, Brazil has one of the biggest Japanese communities. When the Japanese migrated they brought over Sushi (of course how could you live without it) which they had to adapt to tropical ingredients. They used fresh fish (cooked or raw) coupled with local ingredients to create unique and delicious tasting Sushi.

Temakinho has six restaurants between Rome, Milan and Ibiza (I wish they would open one in London). In Rome, the restaurant is based on four floors, the ground floor with the bar, a few tables and outdoor area, the first and second floors that have their own bars and tables and the top floor, which is a beautiful terrace. Each area is individually decorated which adds a touch of individuality to the restaurant.

The Food:

They have clear food ethics on their website in which they explain about the freshness of their ingredients, and how the rice is cooked daily. They have passionate, expert chefs who create these little masterpieces. Their menu is incredibly varied in terms of sushi. It is divided into different sections to make your selection easier. They have a selection of starters; these include prawn Tempura, fish meatballs and fresh tartars, which have a beautiful and tasty appearance. However I have never personally tried them as I only go there for their sushi, however I have seen them pass next to me and they look very tasty. What i have tried and is absolutely delicious are the fish meatballs and the tempura. It is a perfect starter whilst you wait for your main sushi course. They subdivide their sushi into the different kinds of fish such as salmon, tuna, shellfish and specials. My favourite sushi are Rio Bananal, which is cooked salmon, mango, avocado, philadelfia and banana cream on top, Noite Paulista which is prawn tempura and mayonnaise, seared sea bass, mango, cucumber and caviar. I also love their Carnaval which is seabass, tuna, mango, mint and caviar. Of course they also have more simple sushi such as salmon and philadelfia, tuna and philadelphia, sea bass and chives ecc.



The Drinks:

Of course, to accompany the sushi you must order a Caipirinha, which is the traditional Latin American drink, and is lovingly prepared by the bartenders who use Brazilian cachaças, sugar, lime and fresh fruit pulp. There are other drinks you can chose from such as wine, beers and fresh tropical fruit smoothies.



I came here for the first time with my auntie and my cousin. I looked at the menu and i could have ordered everything on it. It just looked so interesting, and you know when your hungry so you would literally order everything off the menu no problem? Yes, fortunately my mother stopped me before i did. I cannot stress the amount of times I have been here, I wish they had those member cards like café Nero or something. If you are a sushi lover then I highly recommend you try this place out. It is impossible to book so go on the early side, but even if you have to wait a bit I promise it is so worth it.

If you do decide you want to attempt to book then this is their website: Temakinho

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