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A love affair with the Colosseum

Published by Marija Triukaite — 8 years ago

The Colosseum is the most important Roman architectural structure ever built. I had an opportunity to visit it last summer. It was unbelievable! I still get an adrenaline rush when I remember touching the walls of the amphitheatre that has seen so much history.


I was in euphoria when I saw this big structure in front of me! I couldn't believe I was in Rome! The top walls of the Colosseum are more touched by time as they are darker and being somewhat restored. As impressive is the exterior, the interior is also amazing, so get up early if you want to secure your place in line and be one of the first to see the Colosseum from the inside.

If anyone has seen the movie "Jumper", don't believe that everyone is allowed to walk at the bottom of the Colosseum, where the slaves and animals were kept. Visitors are allowed to visit the top floors where the spectators sat many centuries ago. But that doesn't make the visit any less boring. You can see the whole city from the Colosseum. So walk in circles and take as many pictures as you can!

I loved Rome so much! The Colosseum gave the final touch to my trip. Make sure you visit!

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it's amazing!

Published by Luca Marino — 4 years ago

If you happen to go to Rome you can not miss one of seven wonders of the world, the Colosseum! It is one of my favorite places in Rome and describes fully the power of the Roman Empire.


Moreover, in that area, there is Via dei Fori Imperiali and you can see all the ancient center of Rome.

Near the Colosseum there are many very good restaurants and, of course, with a fantastic view! I recommend you visit Rome during the evening, it is very special.

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Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Published by Crazy Travel — 3 years ago

Colosseum – Rome, Italy

When you hear the name “Rome” the first thing comes into your mind is the“Colosseum”. If I say that it is the most-preserved masterpiece of the whole Italy, I would not incorrect. If you plan to have a tour in Rome, definitely it is a must to visit the Colosseum – the iconic symbol of Rome.


The original name of this most popular monument is “Flavian Amphitheater”, of course which is less known to most of the visitors. This majestic construction still is the largest amphitheater in the world so no matter it has been declared as one of the wonders of the world. As the history says, it is built of concrete and sand and around 60000 Jewish slaves were employed, and yet 9 years have taken to complete!


Over years, many natural disasters caused to partially ruin this giant construction. It is said that the earthquakes occurred in 840s AD and 1230s AD caused the most of the damage you see today. Even stone-robbers were also a great threat once. As you can see today, all of the southern side of the Colosseum collapsed and was restored later on.



Right next to the Colosseum stands the “Arch of Constantine” (Arco di Constantino). To commemorate the memorable victory of the Constantine’s army, this arch has been constructed. To those who are interested in the medieval architecture, this is a good place to explore the sculptural styles.


Since Colosseum is a world famous tourist destination, I do not need to say that it is crowded! So, free advice: go earlier as possible to reduce waiting time. And of course, be aware of your valuable belongings. Never forget to visit the interior arena. The entrance is free for the EU citizens under eighteen or over sixty-five years of age. All the information regarding the tickets is available in the official website. But, if you prefer to have a private tour guide, they are available from €30 or €35 onwards and can be googled. You also can have a horse-cart ride around the Colosseum.

If you enter through the main entrance to the Colosseum, and to the right side, a set of nice Italian restaurants and small bars can be found, but of course you may willing to have an expensive Italian meal. But, you may also be capable of having an Italian coffee (caffè) at a reasonable price in some nice small bars.

Colosseum obviously has a picturesque beauty and can be visited all throughout the year so, it always has visitors! If you go in the low season (November – February), you can have a fairly tranquil tour since it is “less crowded”.

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