Piazza Del Popolo

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Elegant time for some ice cream in Via Del Popolo

Published by Paul Dikaios — 6 years ago

This square is an extremely well-known,popular,hip place for someone to enjoy his coffee or and ice cream.There are 2 (phenomenically) identical churches in front of the square, and an obelisk with a fountain( decorated by 2 lions).It is one of the most popular squares as there starting from the Via del babuino , with luxury shops and many antique clothing , and Via del Corso , one of the most central and busiest streets of Rome ending in Piazza Venezia .

The characteristic that diversifies the two churches, is their domes , build by Reinaldi.

On the left there is Santa Maria in Montestanto and on the right Santa Maria Dei Miracoli, and a few years later, Valadier created the oval shape of the second church.During the emperors' period, this was the place in which public executions  were going underway.

The obelisk is the 12th 13th century . BC and moved to Rome on August 10 BC the Temple of the Sun in Heliopolis Egypt to celebrate the conquest of Egypt . In the beginning was placed in the center of the big race .

In 1589 Pope Sixtus V ordered to be placed in the center of the obelisk has height 24 m. and together with the base reaches 36.50 m. Named Flaminio from Flaminia road , the second oldest street in Rome that leads to the square .

Nevertheless, it was also a popular place during horse races, because this was the starting point of the race(following the modern Via Del Corso)

Three very big streets begin from Piazza Del Popolo:

Via Ripetta, Via del Babuino and Via del Corso.

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