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Spanish steps

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The one and only Spanish steps

Published by Nicole B. — 6 years ago

The Spanish steps are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rome. That's why it's really easy to find them really crowded most of the time.

The Spanish steps connect Piazza de Spagna with Piazza Trinità dei Monti, where you can also admire the wonderful church. The steps and the church create a nice backdrop for pictures.

In total the Spanish steps include one hundred thirty five stairs. This attraction is also not really far located from the Trevi Fountain.

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Spanish Steps – Rome, Italy

Published by Crazy Travel — 3 years ago

Spanish Steps – Rome, Italy

(Scalina Spagna)

One best tourist attraction in Rome, Italy is the “Spanish Steps”. As the name denotes itself, it is a set of steps with a steep slope connecting the Piazza di Spagnaat the base and theTrinità dei Monti church at the top.


The stairway has its own irregular butterfly shape with 135 wide steps built in a mix of curves, straight flights and terraces. The place also is said to be a great example for Roman Baroque Style. The unique design of the place has made it a popular attraction of not only tourists but also artists, poets, and painters.

 At the top, proudly stands the splendid churchTrinità dei Montiwith its beautiful twin towers dominating the skyline. It is obviously a great place to just sit down and enjoy the atmosphere and the great views of the Eternal City.

At the base of the steps, you can find an early baroque fountain which is called the“Fontana della Barcaccia” (Fountain of the Old Boat). The fountain forms a sinking ship and it is based on a folk legend.  The legend says that a fishing boat was carried all the way to this exact place during a massive flood of the River Tiber which flows across the city in the 16th century.


At the corner on the right side of the base where one begins to climb up the steps, is the house where John Keats, the English poet lived and died and which has now opened to the public as a museum dedicated in his memory. So, it is certainly a good opportunity for the John Keats’ lovers to visit during the visit to Spanish Steps.

Moreover, at the base you can find horse-carts at a fair price for those who willing to have a nice ride around the majestic city, Rome.


I visited the place in the early winter (December) so the photos seem less elegant. I recommend you visit Spanish Steps in the spring and no hesitations you will spend the whole day over there. The steps are being decorated with flowers and it creates a magical beauty.


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