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Tacito 18

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Tacito 18

Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 4 years ago

Tacito 18 has very recently opened near my Grandmother's house and i have never been more addicted to a restaurant that I am to this one. Every time I organize a meal with my boyfriend, my friends, and my family I try to bring them here. This restaurant really knows how to outdo itself. 

Tacito 18 is a very quirky restaurant with mixture of rustic and contemporary interior. It is composed of a front room with an antique green velvet sofa and small wooden tables and chairs. This area is like the relaxed aperitif lounge where you can enjoy people watching a drinking a glass of spritz, it is also a smoking lounge. The main area is inside the restaurant, which has quite a large warehouse feel, as it is very spacious and simply decorated creating a relaxed atmosphere. The kitchen is at the back and the bar is on the right hand side of this room.

The Aperitivo’s served in this place are by far the best aperitivo’s in the whole of Rome. For 10 Euros you can chose any drink and they bring you so much delicious food that it will keep you filled up for the whole evening. The food includes bruschettas with four possible toppings, crisps, a large cured meat platter and some fresh bread. Not only it is a large amount of food but also it is so delicious you cannot stop eating even though you are getting full.


As for lunch and dinner the restaurant has a varied menu with different delicious dishes. The pasta includes the traditional carbonara, Aglio olio e pepperoncino, Cacio e pepe, amatriciana and gricia. The chef, Luca Mattana loves his original dishes and is very experimental and adventurous with his cooking and comes out with some extraordinary dishes. In fact the menus change very frequently as the chef always thinks of creative new dishes.



^ The best Carbonara of Italy 

The bar is as experimental as the kitchen in terms of its cocktails. They have a very intriguing cocktail list, such as Brandy Crusta (brandy, orange liquor, maraschino, syrop, lemon juice, boker’s bitter) or The Avenue (bourbon, calvados, passion fruit, grenadine, orange flavoured water).

The relaxing atmosphere really makes this venue a perfect place for a catch up with friends or family, and being quite new it is not well known therefore if you don’t fancy the hustle and bustle of popular restaurants then I would recommend you coming here. 


^ This was when i took my boyfriend for the first time to this restaurant. How incredible does this pasta look? It has a cost of 14 euros, but i assure you it is super top quality. 

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