Terme Di Caracalla

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Walking among bath ruins

Published by Paul Dikaios — 6 years ago

This massive structure is just 2 stops away from the metro of Circo Massimo, using the bus.It's also a 7-8 minute walk from there if you prefer to see the area.In general, it's a place that is offered even for a visit on any weekday , since it's not located away from the center.

It was built between 212 and 217 AD, by Caracalla (even though the original idea was by Settimus Severus) and almost 9,000 workers were needed for this great building to be finished.After the higly successful construction of the baths, the reception and popularity of Caracalla was extremely increased , widely among the roman population,since every citizen could visit the baths and spend the day there communicating with people and relaxing , or even read books in the library.

This whole act , is just a small sample of the propaganda tactics that many many emperors used ( if you make facilities for the public, then you will be lovable and have the people on your side).

There were rooms like : the apodyterium ( the place where people left their clothes and personal belongings before going to the baths) and when it came to the baths, there were separated in 3 different sections:

1. frigidarium:the room with the baths with cold water

2.tepidarium: the room with the baths with mild/normal temperature water

3. caldarium: the room with the baths with the hot water

There were also pools, places for physical exercise and libraries.What's most important in this part, in the sense of literature and languages, is that there were two diverse libraries, located on the two balcony-like rooms on the sides, one with texts in the latin language and the other one with texts in ancient greek.

When it comes to decoration/art, the pavement and the walls were decorated by exceptional mosaics, some of which are still remaining in our days.Last but not least , there were many magnificent statues ( most of which depicted athletic figures) such as the Hercules of Farnese and the bull of Farnese, that are now located in the museum of Napoli.

You should not miss this place, even though it is greatly destroyed over the years, it takes a lot of imagination to depict in your mind , the magnificence of this monument in its peak centuries, when it was intact.

Enjoy :)

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