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Baffetto Pizza

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A Story of The Pizza Monster

Published by Mehmet Deveci — 6 years ago

When I was ERASMUS exchange student in Hungary, with one of my friend from high school who an ERASMUS student too in Poland; we decided to go Rome and we book ed our flights. Finally, we met in Chiampiono Airport. We were very happy to meet another place which in a different country. We were so impatient to discover the city and of course delicious Italian dishes.

Afterday, after our  little historical trip, we went to Pizza Navona and I asked the people the address. Actually, we could find the address via our smartphones but I love to communicate with local people. I had studied Italian before I went there so I tried to ask the address in Italian. After one or two fail experience, (people who don't know the address or because of my terrible Italian accent) we found the place. Please dream a place which opens at 6 pm and closes at 1 am and sells only pizza and great wine. Italian people call that place "Pizzeria da Baffetto". The time was when we arrived there around at 7 pm and there was a huge queue. To be honest, it doesn't seem like a famous restaurant but it was very crowded. Anyway, we waited for a long time and we succeed to have a sit and I gave our order: Margarita and dry beef and as drink, red wine and coke. And our orders are come. Fresh basil's smell, very tight dough, mozzarella and pomodoro sauce in my margarita took back me to my childhood: naturalness, happiness, freshness... And we changed a part of our pizzas with my friend and I think margarita was better but my friend praised own pizza so much. And I spoke with other people who in our table while drinking my red wine... Everything was great. And we quited from Baffetto. 

After Baffetto, we tasted pasta, tiramisu and famous ice-cream in other days. But Baffetto is different. Unfortunately, we couldn't go again to Baffetto because of our limited time. But we are lucky about that we immortalized this memory with this photo:

I missed you so much Baffetto and Rome. Hope to see you again! :)

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