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Bar dei Brutti

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Ugly or not, this is your bar..

Published by Odys Sav — 4 years ago

Hello my friend, are you the new blood in the city of coffee and spaghetti?

Yes, I know, its very exhausting trying to explore Rome, the biggest museum in Europe, but I, also, know that you don't want to go home, not because you don't love your bed, but the magic of the night attracts you more...

And I have the perfect choice for you, the place that you can learn what life means with the help of the original italians! "BAR DEI BRUTTI" is calling you...

No matter if you are ugly (Brutto) or not, you can go there and have a drink, or two, or - i suggest you - more, and see how is the real fun, how easy is to make new friends (not only italians) and how economic can be a drink!


And if you think that this bar isn't for you because of the name, lets see how beautiful you will be after some (>5) drinks and maybe some shots!

Have fun my ugly beasts, and please DON'T forget to drink a tequila shot for me!

P. S. If you don't like the taste of the magic juice of the gods -ALCOHOL- go somewhere else, it will be the best for all. I am not going to judge you... Or I will, just a little bit....



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