Osteria del Sostegno

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Osteria del Sostegno

Published by Lucrezia Worthington — 4 years ago

The word “Sostegno” means support. The name of the restaurant recalls the support it gives of the antique building above the restaurant. It gives an idea of holding up and supporting the beautiful apartment building. Located near to the pantheon this charming little restaurant is home to delicious cooked Italian dishes. It is the second time I have come here however my uncle and his beautiful wife come here every Saturday. And if an Italian comes here every week then this place must be amazing!

One thing I adore about this place is its secrecy and privacy. It is hidden in a little alley away from the pedestrian road meaning you cannot hear or see people constantly walking in front of you. Also I am very impressed by their friendliness - although the staff is very professional they do not avoid being super friendly with their clients which I find comforting and made me feel at home. The owner is always working in his restaurant as well which I find is a huge plus, as this shows his passion and dedication to his restaurant.


The Décor:

The décor is very traditional. I am a huge fan when restaurants maintain a theme – here they recall the idea of antique Rome with brick walls and photos of the iconic historical monuments of Rome. The tables are classic wood with white tablecloths and beautiful white plates. This is contrasted with the warm yellow light inside.

The restaurant is composed of a small inside with around 7 tables and a covered outdoor space of a similar size. I prefer smaller restaurants because not only it means that the food comes quicker but also you can properly speak across the table without any background noise. Finally the waiters are always attentive to your needs, which does not usually happen in overcrowded large restaurants. The size of the restaurant gives it a sense of intimacy, which is perfect for dates, family gatherings or work meetings.

I find that it is very difficult to find a proper restaurant in the centre of Rome because most restaurants are mainly for tourists therefore the food is very disappointing and you pay high prices for the terrible quality. Which is why I cannot advise a better place than this one – it is one of the oldest restaurants that still remain in Rome and its price-quality rapport is extraordinary.

The Food:

The menu is very varied, with starters including the classic tomato bruschetta, spinach salad with diced apple, Parmesan cheese and walnuts, or dried beef carpaccio with rocket and Parmesan cheese. Their mains include traditional pasta dishes such as Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Amatriciana and more original dishes such as Pasta with chickpeas and truffle, fresh pasta with black truffle or ravioli ricotta with spinach and tomato sauce. Of course for anyone who doesn’t eat pasta they also serve many meat dishes such as grilled beef steak, roasted veal, lamb and chicken. Their deserts are on another level. They are freshly made every day and they have a selection of homemade tiramisu, hot chocolate cake, ice creams and fresh fruits.

This time I went, they brought us a small apetizer of chickpeas and beans with a beautiful selection of bread. It was a perfect taster and start to the meal. I then ordered an Amatriciana because having had it here before I knew I couldn't go wrong. The guanciale (which is basically cheek lard - what they traditionally use instead of bacon) was succulent and full of flavour and the pasta went down a treat. I cannot imagine my diet being very happy with me but oh well. My mother on the other hand decided to stick to the diet and chose "Straccietti" with artichokes. Straccietti are thin slices of beef cooked in olive oil and a variety of herbs. My uncle also ordered "puntarelle" which is a variant of chicory. They are long, light green stems seasoned with olive oil and a bit of vinegar - if you have never tried them before I recommend you do, they are so fresh and a perfect side dish to any main. When it came down to deserts we were all filled up, however my uncle insisted on us trying the tiramisu as it was so delicious - and he was spot on! I also ordered some fresh berries on the side to try and look healthy!





All in all my experience here could have not been better and I am counting down the days until I can return to Rome and come back to this amazing restaurant. It is really a hidden treasure!

If you find yourselves walking around Rome, discovering its history though its famous monuments such as the pantheon, then I would definitely recommend popping here for your lunch. They are shut on Sunday evenings and Mondays however. I would finally recommend to book. For any information check out their website.

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