Leonardo da vinci Museum Rome

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Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome

Published by Nicole B. — 6 years ago

Where it is located

Right in the center of Rome close to a lot of shops is the Leonardo da Vinci museum located. It is a small museum completely dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, his life, work, inventions and drawings. The entrance fee was rather small, which is totally appropriate for the size of the museum. A great focus laid on Leonardo’s inventions.

Therefore, many replicas were exhibited showing how his theories were transformed into real constructs, many of which were movable and interactive and illustrated groundbreaking ideas. Moreover, the walls were mainly covered through pictures and posters of his drawings illustrating the human body in great details.

Movie about Da Vinci's art

Lastly, a movie was also presented illustrating his development of the Vitruvian man, explaining his basic ideas and thoughts. It is a very vivid museum trying to illustrate many ideas and concepts developed or applied by Leonardo da Vinci. Based on its small size, one does not need that much time to visit it. However, it is a nice exhibition.

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