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Villa D'Este

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A day in Tivoli part 1 ( Villa D'Este)

Published by Paul Dikaios — 6 years ago

Tivoli is located just 30 km from the center of Rome , and by car it's a 20minute ride if there is no traffic on the road (but who am I kidding , if you have a car in Rome then you detest traffic because it makes you really angry)

Anyway, it's a great opportunity for someone to visit Tivoli during the weekend, because there are big areas that need a lot of hours to devote for exploration.

There are 3 villas in total for you to see:

Villa D'Este

Villa Gregoriana

Villa Adriana

In whole, these massive amounts of land filled with beautifully decorated gardens and many many fountains and artsy statues, are a typical characteristic of the fact that,most importantly, the ancient city of Rome , had a very strong bond with the water element and it's pretty obvious how important it was to  the roman peoples' lives.

In my opinion, I preferred Villa D'Este, in a manner of decorative speaking, but taking into consideration the ancient findings, Villa Adriana is more interesting for ancient roman statues.

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