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Mondo Arancina

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The true taste of Sicily in the city of Rome

Where is it found?

In the event that you find yourself walking down the street towards Viale Angelico or, even better, Piazzale Clodio, and you have the need to refresh your taste buds with a new flavour, or simply to rediscover something, then I advise you to go back to the square previously mentioned and look around.


Although hidden behind a petrol tank, once discovered, it will be difficult to forget the secret place of Mondo Arancina.


At first, the welcoming nature and also the climate typical of Sicilian culture, and of South Italy in general, is represented through the objects and the walls, painted with the world of Sicily.


Specialities in the kitchen

To welcome you when you enter, there will be the smell of the typical products that you can find here.


The huge range of Sicilian culinary proposals isn't limited to just the grill, though it is very well known, but there is also a fresh pasta department, made by hand, and also typical Sicilian deserts, like, for example, the unmissable Sicilian cannolo and the sweet cassata.


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