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  • Place

    Torre Colpatria Viewpoint

    The Torre Colpatria viewpoint is one of my favourite places in Bogotá. It is one of the very few places within the city where you can escape from all of the chaos and feel a little bit of calm. From up there you can contemplate all of the daily hustle and bustle of the...

    by Kate in What to do Santafé de Bogotá, 15 hours ago
  • Blog

    The Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipán Museum

    Hello, I hope that each and every one of you is well. Today I want to tell you about one of the best museums in Peru, which has become an obligatory step for those who visit Peru, and especially those who visit the northern part of my wonderful and varied...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog Peru, 17 hours ago
  • Place

    The Alcaobaça Monastery

    Now that there are only a few days left before the Erasmus Competition ends, although we should leave some other corners, we should at least name the Seven Wonders of Portugal. I don't think it's necessary to name them again but, to explain: although some of my...

    by Kate in What to see Alcobaça, 4 days ago
  • Place

    Simón Bolívar Square

    Hello everybody! I hope that each and every one of you is well. If we look in detail at each of the monuments in Lima, we would realise that one life is not enough to be able to appreciate all of them. Many years are needed in order to get to know everything that Lima...

    by Kate in What to see Lima, 4 days ago
  • Experience

    My Erasmus Experience in Tampere, Finland. By Marta.

    Why did you choose to go to Tampere, Finland? I had actually never thought about Finland as an Erasmus destination, but due to a series of complications Tampere and Kaunas were my only options to choose from. I started to look for information about Tampere and after...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Tampere, 4 days ago
  • Blog

    21 things I don't like about the UK

    Hello again, everyone! We all know that moving to another country is never an easy task, nor is it for the faint-hearted. A different culture, gastronomy, timings, traditions, customs, habits, language... For this reason, in today's blog post I am going to tell you...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog United Kingdom, 5 days ago
  • Blog

    A visit to Mechelen (Malinas)

    In order for you to get to know a little more about the town where I have lived for two months now, I'm going to tell you some more about it, focussing on the places that are worth visiting. I won't begin before I have welcomed Celia; this is dedicated to her and the...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog Belgium, 6 days ago
  • Blog

    History of the city

    Amiens can be found in the northern part of France; it is the capital of the Somme department in the region of Picardy, or Picardie in French. Despite being a small town, it is very well-known for its famous cathedral: the Notre Dame ´Amiens, or, in English it...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog Amiens, 6 days ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus in Wrocław

    Wrocław, for those who haven't had the privilege of getting to know it, is the student city par excellence in Poland, and the European capital of culture of 2016. Personally, living in Wrocław as an Erasmus student has been one of the best experiences, if not the...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Wroclaw, 8 days ago
  • Experience

    Polish beauty

    First of all, I never thought about going to a country like Poland, I had never heard about much tourism or attractions there... It was an immense gift from God to get to know Poland for this year's JMJ. It is totally the opposite of what I had imagined: perfect...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Warsaw, 8 days ago
  • Blog

    Is it necessary to go to a city where they speak English?

    I'm going to do my Erasmus placement in Italy. In Italy? They don't speak English there, plus, Italian won't help you in the future. Who speaks Italian outside of Italy? Every employer will require you to speak English, you have to learn English, you have to eat English...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus tips, 8 days ago
  • Blog

    "How is Mexico viewed from abroad?"

    It's "normal" that we have ideas and stereotypes associated with a country. For example, we say: Italy = pizza, spaghetti, etc. source France = cheeses, we think about some of the 365 different types of cheese, or one of their delicious and exquisite wines from...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus news, 8 days ago
  • Blog

    Advice to avoid feeling like you will die from nostalgia

    Yesterday, I realised that I have been living by myself for four months now. Four months in a foreign country and, strangely, I have survived. Not only have I survived, I have actually had an amazing time here. Before coming, especially the night before the trip, there...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus tips, 11 days ago
  • Experience

    My Erasmus Experience in Pisa, Italy. By María.

    Why did you choose to go to Pisa, Italy? I wanted to go to an Italian city that wasn't very big so that I could get to know the atmosphere and customs of the city better. The size of Pisa helps you to get to know the way of life in Pisa better and much quicker, which...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Pisa, 12 days ago
  • Experience

    My Experience in San Juan, Puerto Rico. By Luis.

    What is San Juan like to live in? Would you recommend it? How is it? Source San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. You will find a lot to do there between its different aspects and great adventures to experience. It is a big city for what you think, but it's small in...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences San Juan, 12 days ago
  • Place

    The house with thirteen doors

    Hello everyone! I hope that you are all very well. Today I would like to comment briefly on a house that was restored a few years ago in the centre of Lima. It is known as the house with thirteen doors. Thanks to the work done by the municipality of Lima, today this...

    by Kate in What to see Lima, 12 days ago
  • Blog

    5 Restaurants I Love in Madrid

    Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city; it's full of life. As soon as the first ray of sunshine falls, the terraced bars fill up. I think that something that characterises all Spanish people is that we know how to enjoy and appreciate a good plate of food. What do you have...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog Madrid, 13 days ago
  • Blog

    My experience as a lawyer in Germany: a much better paid job

    Truth be told, I left Spain to find a job. It all started when I did my Erasmus placement in Germany; I had finally ended up in a good law firm, with a good job and a good salary. How many of you has this happened to? Well, let me tell you my story... Starting my law...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus recipes, 13 days ago
  • Experience

    My Erasmus Experience in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. By Julia.

    Why did you choose to go to Cluj-Napoca, Romania? For me, a student of medicine who wants to practise his English, it was the perfect combination: The city has a student atmosphere and incredible nightlife. You can go out every day of the week for not much money. There...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Cluj-Napoca, 13 days ago
  • Experience

    My Erasmus Experience in Naples, Italy. By Julia.

    Why did you choose to go to Naples, Italy? Because I wanted to do Erasmus in Italy and Naples was the only city which my university had an agreement with. How long did the grant last? How much money did you receive as help? At my university you are given the option to...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Naples, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    Is it free to study in public university in Spain?

    Are you wondering whether it is free to study at a public university in Spain? What are the tuition fees like for studying an Undergraduate Degree? Spain is home to some great, highly-ranked universities with amazing study levels. Popular with both Spanish nationals and...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog Spain, 14 days ago
  • Blog

    The top 5 Peruvian dishes that you have to try during your visit to Lima! Let's eat!

    Hello all of you food-lovers in the world, especially the Peruvians! There is no doubt about it that people eat wonderfully in Peru, and that's why Lima is considered the best gastronomic city to taste the best Peruvian dishes, according to the World Travel Awards - who...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus blog Lima, 14 days ago
  • Experience

    My Experience in Rennes

    Why did you choose to go to Rennes, France? I wanted to go to a French-speaking country in order to improve my French language, but at the same time I preferred a medium-sized city, bordering on small. That's why Rennes was the perfect candidate! It is a small French...

    0 by Kate in Erasmus experiences Rennes, 19 days ago
  • Place

    Los Cármenes

    I wanted to give you a brief summary of Los Cármenes. They could be described as "typical gardens" of Granada. source On the way to the Alhambra, we find this area that is characterised by its cobbled streets, white houses, its high location in Granada, its always...

    by Kate in What to see Granada, one month ago
  • Place

    Juliet's Tomb

    The history of love in Verona Verona was the second most popular holiday destination in Italy after Venice in the hot summer of 2013, so we took a direct train to Verona which, if I remember rightly, cost us little more than 9 euros, which is quite a reasonable price...

    by Kate in What to see Verona, one month ago

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